Success Can Be a Gilded Prison …

As a business leader, you face challenges and perform under intense pressure every day.  It’s part of the price of success … but that price is already too high if your health or relationship with your partner and children are compromised.

Success is great, but it can become a gilded prison.

Are You Trapped by Your Own Success?

Let’s put it this way.  If you:

  • Take your mobile phone on holiday so that you don’t miss work calls
  • Arrive first at the office and leave last every day
  • Check your emails in bed
  • Carry a family photo in your wallet to remind yourself what they look like
  • Can’t remember the last time you spent time on your hobby
  • Don’t have a hobby

… then you’re trapped in your gilded prison.

Escape From Prison

Many business owners burn out due to stress.  I know all about it.  My own experience literally took me close to the edge.

I ended up at the top of the tallest building in the world in Dubai, ready to hurl myself off it.  And I would have done had the fire exit to the roof not been locked. 

My brush with suicide added purpose and empathy to the way I help others.

Simply, I show leaders how to acquire businesses, grow them and find attractive exits at the right time.  I’ve helped more than five thousand decision makers to navigate that rocky path over twenty years.  I know the route very well by now.

And I know that, wherever you are on your own journey, there’s a way you can move forwards without suffering the dark underside of success. 


Make Your Escape

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