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Planning for success is healthy and exciting, but there are always snags to navigate in growing your business. Expanding your enterprise is likely to need funding.

How do you find potential investors? Even if you do, what do you say? How do you negotiate?

It’s safer and wise to pair up with a team of experts in acquisition, growth and sales. My team and I can help you fast-track from the “Funding Idea” stage to the “Funding Offer” stage, seating you at the table with investors who can fund from £100 000 upwards.

Don’t worry – we won’t leave you tongue-tied. We’ll help you to put together an irresistible pitch that answers their questions before they ask them and review your pitch collateral.

Leverage My Network …

Remember the kid in class who threw the biggest parties?  Well, you’re invited to this one … and you could have access to more than two thousand people in my network.

The most well-matched of those will get to hear all about your business and your plans.  You’ll have investors interested in your future before you know it – and it might even be me.  If I love what you’re doing, can add value and have fun, why not?


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This inspirational book is about one man’s battle, through the depths of depression, who reached and found that his personal and business success was within himself. Rob’s very honest, and sometimes humorous account, should help inspire and provide hope to others that there is a life worth living and its within the reach of everyone.

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