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Twenty years of helping business leaders and entrepreneurs. Thousands of lives improved. Minds inspired worldwide.

You’ve already decided to make a success of your business. Now, you can choose to do it without suffering the high cost of stress. Success in business is not priceless. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and mental health to achieve it. You’re worth more than anything your business can achieve. Before you leave this site, please make a decision to take one small initial step, so that you can set off on a fresh path in order to reach your dreams. My live talks, mentoring programmes and investment support will help you to find it and stick to it.

Move from here to where you want to be: strong, successful and content in life.


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I can help you prepare your pitch to investors and also review all your pitch collateral. We can then access my network of over 2,000 funders for you to pitch to. In some situations, I may also invest my own money in your business, if it’s something I believe in, can add real value and at the same time have fun.

International Speaking

A wide range of key note speeches, talks and workshops centred around personal and business development. Topics such as how to avoid “burn out”; creating more time for the people that matter most and how to achieve your “magic number” to name some of the most popular areas.


I undertake private client work with a few clients each year. A tailored 12-month programme designed to help business owners grow and prepare their company for a longer term exit one day.

International Speaker Dubai, UAE

Get to know Rob and his reason “why”

Congrats Rob! I could feel and see that you’d make a huge impact with your story. Sharing your heart with them will transform much more than business — well done!


Dr Andrea Pennington, International Speaker and CEO of MYMG

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This inspirational book is about one man’s battle, through the depths of depression, who reached and found that his personal and business success was within himself. Rob’s very honest, and sometimes humorous account, should help inspire and provide hope to others that there is a life worth living and its within the reach of everyone.

If you would prefer to make a charitable donation you can order my book via Amazon.


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